One of the greatest gifts we can give the young people of today is a deep knowledge of their ethnic heritage. Without this historical awareness, our children will not develop a full appreciation for the richess and diversity that is their cultural legacy.

Many years ago, Polish Festivals Inc reconginized the importance of preserving the culture of Poland and passing this tradition on to our children. As a result, Polish Fest was developed in 1982. Polish Fest represents a living example of the arts, culture, and tradition that is uniquely Polish. With the funding from Polish Fest the Polish Heritage Alliance Inc was founded under the banner of Polish Festivals Inc, to ultimately build a Polish community center. In August of 2000 this dream came true and Polish Center of Wisconsin opened her doors to represent and showcase our Polish heritage. 

The Polish Center was designed in the style of a Polish manor house- a fitting symbol of Poland's national heritage and tradition of gracious hospitality.

Today, the funds raised at Polish Fest are used throughout the year to support cultural events at the Polish Center of Wisconsin.

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6941 S. 68th Street
Franklin, WI, 53132