Polish Fest has a wide range of both Polish favorites and over 30 different vendors providing foods for all taste buds. We have all the Polish favorites from Klements Polish Sausage to pierogi with every type of filling. Our Polish food is your chance to try something new or remind yourself of delicious Polish flavors.

Beyond Polish food, we have plenty of food vendors that provide many other tastes or flavors. There are Wisconsin classics like cheese curds along with other festival favorites. At Polish Fest we have such a variety you will not go hungry!

We do have a limited number of food vendors on the grounds.

If you are interested in becoming a Polish Fest food vendor please click here!


Polish Sausage 101

 When making Polish sausage you want to use pork butt.  You can substitute other meat (venison, elk, or beef, what ever you want) but you still need to put in pork. (you need the fat from the pork to help make it juicy).  If you are going to substitute other meats the ratio should be between 60 to 70% pork to what ever meat you are using.  You will want to coarse grind the meat and then mix in your seasonings.  

For 5lb of meat you need to add: 

1/3 cup marjoram
3 tsp. black ground pepper
5 tsp. salt ( I like to use sea salt but you can use regular salt)
Garlic to taste (for 5lbs of sausage try starting out with a 1/8 tsp.) adjust as necessary. 

Mix all ingredients well and put in a bowl that you can cover and put in the refrigerator overnight (the seasonings will meld together better that way).
The next day, bring the mixture out.  Give it a smell to see if you need to add more garlic (to taste).  When adding more garlic, mix it with some water (about 1 cup for 5lbs of meat).  Mix well.

Next you are ready to stuff you casings and make some sausage. 

To make 15lbs of sausage use the following measurements: 

1 cup marjoram
1/3 cup salt
2 oz. black pepper (1/4 cup) you can use less if you like.
Garlic powder to taste (start out with 1 tbs) add more later if needed. 

Before stuffing add about  3 cups of water and additional garlic if needed. 

Casings can be found at local meat markets or stores- ask for them -
they may be special order.