Cultural Village

2018 Cultural Village Exhibits

 Cultural Village will feature folk artists demonstrating traditional Polish crafts, including wycinanki (paper cutting), pisanki (decorated eggs), wianki (floral head wreaths) and more.  The Polish sheepdogs and rabbits will also return. 

Polish Fest 100th year of Polish Independence with a special exhibit. 

 Polanki’s sales tent featuring handmade Polish pottery (Boleslawiec), Christmas ornaments, recipe books and other folk art are both located in the Cultural Village

The Polish Genealogical Society and the Milwaukee County Genealogical Society will again be at Polish Fest in a new location, east of the demonstrator tent.   


Polish Forum

Friday, June 15th


        2-3 p.m.       Steve Szabados, Genealogy Columnist for the Polish American Journal and Author


                “Finding Babcia’s Grandma - From where did your Polish ancestors leave? What did they do?”




        4-5 p.m.       Dr. Neal Pease, Professor of History (UW-Milwaukee)


                “100 Years of US-Polish Relations, 1918-2018”    




Saturday, June 16th


        1:30-2:30 p.m.   Dr. Helena Pycior, Professor of History, Emerita (UW-Milwaukee)


                "Marie Skłodowska Curie's Enduring Relevance: A Century of Celebrations of Her Milestone Years"




        2:30-3:30 p.m.   Dr. Donald Pienkos, Professor of History, Emeritus (UW-Milwaukee)


                                  Dr. Neal Pease, Professor of History (UW-Milwaukee)


                PANEL DISCUSSION - “A Look Back:  The 100th Anniversary of Poland’s Rebirth and Its Significance”




        3:30-4:30 p.m.   Dr. Donald Pienkos, Professor of History, Emeritus (UW-Milwaukee)


                “Poland’s Rebirth:  Three Who Made It Happen:  a Soldier, a Politician, and a Virtuous Pianist”




Sunday, June 17th


        3-4 p.m.    John Gurda, Milwaukee-born writer and historian


                 “The Struggle for Independence in America:  Polish Workers and the Eight-Hour Movement of 1886.”



 Learn To Cook with Polish Flair

Polish Fest will once again feature cooking demonstrations in the Food Demonstration tent. Local Polish cooks walk you through the steps to 
make your favorite Polish foods.


1 pm - Anne Kagerah  - Golabki

3 pm - James Derdzinski - Paczki

5 pm - Anne Wal  - Pierogi w/cheese fillings


1 pm - Ela Wasiewski - Potato Pancakes

3 pm - Michael Krass - Polish Sausage

5 pm - Anne Wal - Pierogi w/mushroom and kraut filling


1 pm - Anne Kagerah - Golabki

3 pm - TBD

5 pm - TBD